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【New】 Ingersoll Rand Ultra SL 4000 Ultra-Source Coolant, High Performance And High Return

  In the high temperature, high pressure operation of the air compressor, to ensure that its system can run efficiently for a long time, reduce friction between components, so that the air compressor to play a better performance, save maintenance costs, the choice of a high-quality air compressor coolant is particularly important.

The role of air compressor coolant :

1. Lubricating : reduce friction

2. Cool down : take away heat (friction/compression)

3. Rustproof : Isolate oxidation

4. Clean : scour impurities

5. Seal : liquid seal

6. Noise reduction : reduce wear

       Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor New Ultra SL 4000TM Supersource TM Coolant --- High Performance Screw Compressor Synthetic Coolant

       Ultra SL 4000TM coolant has excellent oxidative stability and meets screw compressors' needs for long life, low wear and detergency. It has obvious advantages over similar coolants on the market:

01 Antioxidant : Oil-soluble polyethers are synthetic base oils that enhance oxidative stability for long life.

02 High Definition : Oil-soluble polyether is a polar base oil (mineral oil, PAO, etc. are all non-polar), which can dissolve polar polymers, have excellent cleaning performance, and effectively inhibit the formation of sludge.

03 Wear Resistance : The synergy and promotion of lubricating additives and oil-soluble polyethers can effectively reduce wear.

04 Thermal Conductivity : Oil-soluble polyether has a larger specific heat capacity and heat transfer coefficient, which brings better cooling characteristics to the system.

      Ingersoll Rand Ultra SL 4000TM Super Source TM coolant, its high performance advantages, can bring more returns for customers to reduce costs:

Longer oil change intervals

Reduce operating costs and waste oil disposal costs

Not easy to coke, not easy to produce paint film

Reduce mainframe maintenance costs

Less bearing wear

Extend the useful life of parts

Better heat exchange

Improve unit reliability

       Oil Change Precautions :

       Before changing the oil, turn on the equipment to normal operating temperature, then stop the equipment.

       Drain the oil: After the shutdown system pressure is released, do the following while the oil is still warm:

1. Drain the oil in the oil separation cylinder from the bottom

2. Drain the oil in the oil cooler from the low level (with the plug installed)

3. Drain the oil in the oil filter from the low level (with the plug installed)

4. Find the lowest position of each oil pipeline, loosen the plug or connecting flange or oil pipeline joint at the lowest position, and drain the residual oil in the oil pipeline.

5. Replace the oil filter element, oil separator and seals in the oil pipeline.